Spread Love: Available on iTunes and CD Baby!

 I am so happy to share this project I've been working on for the past four years.  Actually, some of the songs you will hear were written over eight years ago.  They are all songs that were birthed through my spiritual growth and life experiences. For example, Baptized was inspired from an experience with my daughter Alexis and Faded was written after experiencing the death of a client when I worked as a nurse in Charlotte, NC. Each song is a part of my story and writing them not only allowed me to truthfully express myself, but also brought me joy, healing and most of all closer to the Creator.

 As we all know, God really has a sense of humor. Who would have thought I would move from Nashville, Tennessee to Upstate New York to release my second CD project?  I've learned that even though it's good to make your plans, God's plan is always better. I am humbled that God answered my prayers in His time. I hope and pray that the music will not only be pleasing to your ears but that the words will penetrate your hearts. My goal as an artist is to use the gift I've been given to inspire, heal and most of all Spread Love!

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